Physics And Other Possibilities


Uncertainty Theory Dark, mysterious spaces, gestures toward hearing and tools to aid seeing but one cannot be sure.


Relativity Thinking of Einstein and his famous findings but also of blindness when you cannot see beyond what you are attached to.


Probability What is the probability that one side of the see saw will go down first.


Quantum Leap From a dance move the figures leap across the sky.


Walking on Water uses the chemical formula for the element.


Walking On Air uses the chemical formula for the element.

Pursuit Of Happiness figures move back and forth across each other’s space. Perhaps they will meet and find happiness.


In Potentia All the tools for creation of something out of nothing.


Incompleteness Theory A reclining female figure in the classic pose with this title suggests a bit of irony. Is she complete or not? Her gaze into the distance does not give a clue.


Goodbye To All That Here I was thinking of the end of paper as the digital age advances. Newspapers & textbooks on line,e-mail. Good bye, letting go, shreds of change.


Thoughts Of Gravity The downward pull holding us to the ground and of course gravity in the other sense of the word.